Xiaomi Screwdriver Goes Official, Priced At 199 Yuan

by Shine Wong 689 views0

blending technology with household items to make them smart and increase their productivity for quite some time now. Xiaomi has launched a couple of smart products like a rice cooker, smart suitcase, bicycle, umbrella and the list goes on. Continuing its quest, Xiaomi has announced a new product and this time is it an electric screwdriver that goes by the nameWowstick 1FS. This screwdriver is launched using the Mijia crowdfunding platform and carries a price tag of 199 Yuan which comes to around $30.


Wowstick 1FS features an anodised aluminium design and comes with an inbuilt shadowless LED which enables you to see in the dark and tighten the screws. It is fueled by a removable battery which offers it an operating time of 8 hours and 180 days of standby time. It comes with 18 different screw tips manufactured from S2 steel alloy and delivers speeds up to 100RPM (rotation per minute).


Wowstick 1FS carries a price tag of $199 Yuan ($30) and is a very easy to use screwdriver which can tighten and loosen the screws without breaking a sweat. Xiaomi is doing a really nice job in combining technology with daily use items and offering them at such low prices. It will be worth noting what comes next from Xiaomi. Stay tuned!